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Reduction Drive

The FOXCON Reduction-Drive with a [2.2:1] ratio was specifically designed and developed for the Subaru EA81 by Foxcon Aviation & Research Pty Ltd.

Its brilliant design and lightweight heat treated aluminium casting, bolts directly onto the bell housing of the EA81 engine, this guarantees a superior tracking of the belt.

All internal parts are technically designed and refined to even the smallest detail with all pulleys are anodised to prevent corrosion providing superior quality and guarantees long life with minimal maintenance requirements.

The FOXCON Reduction-Drive combined with the reliable Subaru EA81 engine provide a dependable power plant for the Terrier 200 at much lower costs compared with the other engine choices and has been fitted to all TERRIER 200 Aircraft powered by a Subaru EA81 engine.


Foxcon Aviation Revolutionary Reduction Drive for the EA81 Subaru Engine