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Subaru EA81 

Most TERRIER 200 Aircraft are powered by the Subaru EA 81 engine. In a standard configuration this engine develops 100 HP, which allows the TERRIER 200 to cruise comfortably at 110 Kts.

A specialised and custom built intake manifold, flow optimised exhaust system, altitude compensated carburetor and a modified camshaft combined, guarantee excellent performance.

The Subaru EA81 has one of the lowest Fuel consumption in its class at just 13ltr per hour and offers exceptional reliability.

Maintenance is the second biggest reason customer choose the Subaru, as parts are readily. And with signifcantly lower service costs that equal to the automobile industry.

The Subaru EA81 was originally designed & developed as an Aircraft Engine and then later modified for Automotive use when Subaru pulled out of the aviation business. The EA81 compact design as well as the low weight/power ratio makes it a highly recommended power plant for the TERRIER 200.

The cylinder heads as well as the pistons are water cooled providing uniform cooling even in high outside air temperature conditions as well as during prolonged taxing and take-off at full power. 

Why a reduction drive is needed? As the high performance Subaru EA81 delivers its high rated 5400 RPM power output a Propeller, in comparison can only spin and reaches its maximum efficiency just before the speed of sound.

Most customers when enquiring about what engine to choose, are often surprised to read many success stories from owners around the world that have fitted the Subaru Engine in their Aircraft, .... and did not realise how many Aircrafts are actually flying with the EA81.

... extract from a online article 'Why I chose Subaru':
Automotive engine designs use new methods to increase reliability. They are very effective. Components are tested in environments far more severe than the engine will normally see. Computer modeling is accurately done to increase quality margin. I’ve had my hands in all of this. That helps me appreciate the significance of new auto engine advances. I’m told that Subaru, in one year, makes more engines than Lycoming has their entire history. That makes for millions of dollars available for product development that Lycoming can just dream of. More importantly, auto engines are routinely improved, modified. If Lycoming makes any improvement, that opens them to lawsuits for all previous designs. So they stagnate. Look how long it took them to implement fuel injection.


Subaru EA 81 Engine