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LSA Category

Foxcon Aviation LSA Category

What are the LSA requirements

In 2006 CASA introduced the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. The amendments to the regulations were developed by a project team consisting of CASA specialist, representatives from each of the sporting organisations, Australian manufacturers and CASA authorised persons.

LSA is the result of other National Airworthiness Authorities (NAA) adopting similar rules to address advances in sport and recreational aviation technology. LSA aims to allow the manufacture of safe and economical light sport aircraft, to be operated for the purpose of sport and recreation, to carry a passenger, to be used for hire, and to conduct flight training and glider towing.

In June 2008 Foxcon Aviation adopted this category into the new Terrier200 making it one of the safest Aircraft in the sky.

The LSA category requirements, as set out by CASA, are illustrated in the picture and in more details in this CASA Powerpoint presentationCivil Aviation Safety Authority Australia.