Foxcon Aviation Manufacturer of High Performance Composite Aircraft in Queensland Australia


Terrier 200

 Specification & Performance  Value
 Wing Span  8.70m
 Length  6.10m
 Height  2.30m
 Landing Gear Track  2.12m
 Gross Weight  600 kg
 Empty Weight  340 kg
 Fuel Capacity  88 Litres
 Baggage  30 kg
 Airfoil Section  Chris Mark 4
 Design Loads  +6G - 4G
 Engine/Powerplant  100 Hp
 Top Speed  120 Kts
 Cruise Speed  110 Kts
 Stall Speed  38 Kts
 VNE  130 Kts
 Rate of Climb  1500 ft/min
 Endurance/Range  6 hrs
 Glide Ratio (engine idle)  12:1
 Fuel Consumption  13 ltr/hr
 Take Off Distance  100 m
 Landing Distance  100 m

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